Umeox is an Asian company famous for its very thin phone that’s been leaking lately. We’re talking about a very thin handset, that measures merely 5.6 mm in thickness and today we get some pictures of it.



This product is called the Umeox X5 and could debut soon, beating the Huawei and Oppo ultraslim models. Right now Umeox have a solid range of Android handsets, some of them sold in Europe under the Thomson Mobile phone brand and their features include the innovative Technicolor imagine technology. Sadly, the 5.6 mm thick Umeox X5 is pretty much a mystery, as far as specs are concerned.

We do know it runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and it’s expected to launch sometime in July. From what I can see, it has big bezels on the upper and lower side and its back side makes me think of the black HTC One for some reason. I expect some solid specs here, since it would be a pity for the world’s thinnest smartphone to be a midrange one.

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