While Xiaomi is looking to loan 1 billion dollars to expand its business, there are other areas where it has run into some problems. The company’s growth and need for expansion is obvious, but places like Brazil and Indonesia seem hard to penetrate right now.


Xiaomi seems like the only company out there that will be able to take on Apple and Samsung soon. Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s VP for global operations has said in an interview in New Delhi that the delay of the entry on those markets is caused by the long process of device certification. Handset makers will have to get their products certified by governmental agencies, sort of like local FCCs.

The process may take even half an year in the likes of Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia, apparently. In Indonesia things are looking up and there’s hope regarding a launch by the end of August. Brazil access may take longer, even 12 months said Barra. This year Xiaomi is said to reach 60 million smartphones sold and next year they’re gunning for 100 million, so this company has huge potential for growth.

Europe is also a target market, with several products already appearing on the continent in more or less official fashion.