Xiaomi has a big event scheduled for September 27th, when they’re said to unveil the Xiaomi Mi 5S, a device that has been leaking quite a lot lately. Today the device pops up again, this time through a leak of its menu UI, that confirms the presence of a certain “3D Touch” on board.


The device comes with MIUI 8 and possibly an array of features associated with 3D Touch and the works. Companies have tried to stay away as much as possible from copying Apple and its naming pattern and the Xiaomi Mi 5S is already seeming pretty controversial in my book. First it seemed to copy the Home button from ZTE Nubias and Meizus and now this…


Anyway, the name can be easily changed, but what’s interesting is the implementation. Huawei has previously played with various levels of pressure and Gionee too. Some companies get it right, but some don’t and Apple still remains at the forefront of this evolution. The Xiaomi Mi 5S will also bring an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, potentially hidden behind glass and Snapdragon 821 CPU.

via news.mydrivers.com

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