Here’s an example of bad PR from Xiaomi, a company that praises its own sales of the Mi4 handset, without mentioning the units sold. As you know, the Xiaomi Mi4 flagship was announced days ago and it went on sale today, apparently selling out in 37 seconds.



The info came via social networking channels, from the Xiaomi PR itself, but the lack of the number of units sold makes it all bizarre. At least in the case of the Xiaomi Mi Pad we knew it sold out 50k units in less than minutes. Now the commenters are joking and posting ridiculous numbers on this post, like 100 units sold and things like that. I’m guessing it’s at least 100k devices, for a big maker like Xiaomi, right?

They would better announce the number while the news is still hot, otherwise the evil comments will continue. I’ll remind you that the Xiaomi Mi4 is a 5 inch Full HD smartphone with a Snapdragon 801 CPU and a $322 price tag. Usually, when a Xiaomi model is sold out, it takes about a week or so for the next stock to come through, so expect new units early next week.

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