The next logical step after expanding to a country and making it big locally is to expand your production there. Xiaomi entered India months ago and it’s already one of the most powerful smartphone brands and now it’s preparing to move manufacturing there.


The info comes from Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s VP, who has revealed that the firm will start production in this country within 2 years. Xiaomi has a reliable partner locally, retailer Flipkart, so the foundation is set up. Barra also said that the company is in talks with its main manufacturer, Foxconn, in order to produce smartphones both in India and Brazil. The latter will begin production earlier, said the same official.

A nice statement from Hugo Barra was that Xiaomi was “shipping absurd quantities into India”, reaching as high as 200k units a week. The Chinese company is lucky enough to be a pioneer of the Indian public’s adoption of large display devices, as the Redmi Note and Redmi Note 4G are ready to become hits. New areas of expansion for Xiaomi include for the near future Russia, Thailand, Mexico and Turkey.