While in the rest of the world, the shopping event from November is known as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, in Asia, this one is named Singles Day, an event that signify the anti-Valentine’s day or the bachelors day.



Among the Chinese companies that held this event we also have Xiaomi, producer that comes out today with a couple of numbers regarding the total sales made yesterday on November 11. Through a post from Hugo Barra, we get to know the fact that yesterday were sold 1.16 million Xiaomi devices in China.

Screenshot (1265)

Also, there’s unveiled the fact that the sales recorded totaled $254 million, a number by 2.8 higher compared to the Singles Day event from 2013. According to another report, it seems that Alibaba also sold a lot of devices, with a gross margin of $9.8 billion.

via: androidos.in

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