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Open WebOS Boots on Galaxy Nexus in Front of Camera (Video)

HP launched this week the Open WebOS platform, version 1.0, that’s highly portable to any device out there. One of them is the Galaxy Nexus, that’s just received a port of the Open WebOS OE (OpenEmbedded). The WebOS Ports team is behind this port and they’ve uploaded a video of the Open WebOS running on the Galaxy Nexus, shown below.

It may not look pretty and it’s not fast, most likely because there’s no hardware acceleration supported yet, but it’s still something to evolve from. If you’re wondering how the guys worked so fast, know that the beta version of Open WebOS has been public for a month now and other parts have been available as open source for many more months. The Galaxy Nexus was apparently chosen by the WebOS Ports team for hacking and porting back in August, as the first target device, thanks to its open source nature.

What the devs were able to do is play with the beta build, getting the device to boot Open WebOS and also support WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, telephony and camera don’t work just yet. Future modifications of the platform may bring more speed, hardware acceleration, other normal features and maybe some integration with Android, who knows? I have to say that the keyboard displayed here actually looks quite nice…