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Windows Phone Tango Update Coming This Month (Rumor)

We’ve heard about Windows Phone Tango before in the context of it running on Nokia Lumia 610 and ZTE Orbit or better said being compatible with these days. Now, rumors say that we’re supposed to wait for this update to arrive this month on all compatible WP devices.

Since WP was first released in Q4 2010 we’ve had two major updates: NoDo, with its copy/paste and CDMA support and the much bigger Mango, with multitasking, a new IE browser and some interface changes. Now there’s Tango coming soon, allowing Windows Phoen to run on lower specced devices, that use as little as 256MB of RAM. Tango also handles SIM contacts, supports sending multiple images via MMS and includes a bunch of other small features. However, it also has limitations, like the lack of compatibility with some apps, lack of fast app switching, lack of Local Scout, some video codecs and no change of using the SkyDrive automatic photo upload.

Chinese site WPDang claims that Tango will come this month and by the end of June it will already run on over 90% of the Windows Phone units on the market. Apollo is the big thing to watch out for here, since Windows Phone 8 will be the one that introduces dual core processors and 720p screens in the WP universe, plus NFC. October is when it’ll arrive, most likely…