Although Samsung was the first to announce a Windows Phone 8 device, the public doesn’t favour them or HTC with the freshly announced 8X and 8S models. The public wants a Nokia Lumia 920, as shown by a recent poll on WPCentral, with 10,000 voters and 82% of them preferring the latest Lumia. Reasons for that? Plenty!


People want the PureView camera, PureMotion HD+ display, classic Lumia design, the ability to use the screen with gloves, Clear Black technology, wireless charging and exclusive Nokia apps. Nokia Lumia 920 seems to be handling competition well in the Windows Phone area, but will it be able to take on big names like the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5? The first has 20 million units sold in 3 months and the second sold 2 million units in 24 hours. According to another poll, one done by Wired, the Lumia 920 was put 22,000 votes above the iPhone 5, with 62%.

Sadly, such online studies never translate into big sales, for some reason. People will end up not liking the bulky nature of the Lumia, or the big price of the device, or maybe the tiles. They’ll go with the skinnier iPhone 5 or the massive Galaxy S III in the end. Nokia Lumia Series has a year of life now and it’s already become popular enough to start leaving a mark on this market. If it doesn’t start earning some millions of sales with the latest units this year, it may be game over for Nokia and Windows Phone…

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