iTunes Home Sharing is a nifty way of accessing your media between devices, especially if you own an iPad, iPhone, iMac and Apple TV. However, people have been wondering if they can keep the functionality even when travelling, by using a 3G connection and the sharing function remotely.


Now, cultofmac decided to answer this question and mentioned that iTunes Home sharing is limited to a single network, or better said subnet. This is done to prevent piracy and file transfers from the Internet. The way this could actually work is by using the iTunes Match feature from iCloud, that will replicate the content on your devices synced to the cloud.

Well, the quality may only be limited to 256kbps when it comes to streaming audio, but at least you have all your favorite songs available whenever you take your iPhone or iPad and travel across the globe. Or you can use some other app out there, such as Audiogalaxy, that allows you to listen to music on your iPhone through 3G or WiFi, although you have to leave the Mac on at home.

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