Acer is back in style with a midrange Android phone priced at 99 euro, which is about $132. The handset will be available at the middle of the current month in two colors: rock black and classic white. It’s a 3.5 inch device and its specs are listed below.


Acer Liquid Z3 runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean it’s expected to debut in the likes of Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Spain, Russia and Germany first. Its screen resolution has yet to be confirmed and we also don’t have a clue about the architecture of the dual core 1 GHz processor on board. Other specs include a 3 MP camera, HSPA+ connectivity, WiFi and GPS.

This model will also come in a dual SIM version and an interesting aspect of its functioning is the fact it supports 4 custom modes of getting around. There’s a Senior mode for the elderly, with fast access to messages, radio, clock and quick calls and a Basic Mode for youngsters, with calls and texts nearby.

There’s also a Classic mode and Keyboard mode, that you can figure out from their names. The handset comes with a flip back cover and more accessories.

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