AdMob and its useful statistics are back, this time to measure the success of the Android platform and the iPhone OS. We remind you that AdMob serves around 10 billion ads per month to over 15,000 mobile websites and apps, so they have all the ad impressions in the world to examine and interpret.

Android is coming strong recently, with 42% of AdMob’s smartphone audience relying on this platform in the States. HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S will be two more reasons to switch from Symbian or Windows Mobile to Google’s OS. As far as the global market is concerned, Android recently leaped ahead of Symbian, with a 24% share versus 18% for Nokia’s platform of choice.

Coupled with BlackBerry OS, Symbian is still king, as far as the smartphone sales department is concerned, but both these platforms fall behind in the web or app usage field. This evolution is also confirmed by figures from Net Applications and ArsTechnica’s mobile user numbers.

[via Engadget]

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