Is this a fake? Odds are that the answer is “yes”, but why go through so much trouble just to create a fake video? Popularity would be a reason, but we’re guessing that a real video could stir up more interest than a fake one. Yesterday we gave you WP7 on HTC HD2 (more likely to be real) and today we give you WP7 on HTC Touch Diamond:


Of all the handsets one could choose to run Microsoft’s new mobile OS, this is the last we expected. It could have been worse, like a non-touchscreen device or something, but even that wouldn’t surprise us, with all the ports, hacks and leaks seen recently. So, what do you think? Fake or a real port of the OS?

I, for one would like to see WP7 on HTC EVO 4G, since that’s a more realistic piece of gear used to run the software.

[via mobilecrunch]

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