After showing all the Adobe Flash love that one can get at Google I/O 2010, the search engine giant has another reason to appreciate Adobe’s work: its Reader app is now available on Android. Adobe Reader for Android is now found in the Android Market, allowing users to access PDF files on their devices for free.

This version of Adobe Reader supports multi-touch gestures (pinch-and-zoom), plus double-tap-zoom, panning and flick-scrolling.The another promising feature of this, they also provide a link to the convert PDF to Word. If anybody have requirement to convert PDF into word.  There’s also a “reflow mode” included that wraps the content from wide margin documents with heavy text for easy viewing on small screens.

In order to run the app you need an Android 2.1 (or above) handset, with a 550MHz processor, 256MB RAM and 4.3MB available disk space.

[via Adobe]