As we previously informed you, Apple’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn has been struck by a wave of suicides, that involved quite a number of employees ending their lives. This cluster of suicides was discussed by Gou Tai-ming, Foxconn’s CEO, just as another attempt took place at about 6:30 AM in Shenzhen.


The facts point towards a tragic situation and Foxconn’s image is pretty shaken right now. You must know that the company’s factory houses and feeds almost 400,000 workers, so if a dozen of men die during a year this is still part of a normal statistic, no matter how strange this seems.

We can’t really blame the company, before we know the facts and it would be interesting to know how many suicides other major manufacturers have. What’s for sure is that long hours, a small salary and stress can push people to desperation, so Foxconn must improve the conditions it provides, if it’s necessary and also work a bit on the morale of the employees.

[via crunchgear]

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