March Madness live streaming is probably the best way to watch NCAA basketball these days, with everyone busy and dividing their attention between entertainment and work. Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart recently published a video on YouTube that shows March Madness working live via 3G connection on a Nexus One unit:


It also uses the unreleased version of Flash 10.1 for Android and we have to mention that there’s also a Silverlight-based March Madness player out there. The advantage of the latter is that it provides better video quality (up to 1.8 Mbps), but the Flash stream is decent enough for a mobile device.

Adobe announced Flash 10.1 for Android with a release date scheduled for H1 2010, but we’re glad to see its potential right now. CBS is also providing a March Madness iPhone app, but that costs $9.99, while the Android solution is based on browser streaming so there’s no need for cash.

[via newteevee]

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