12 megapixel cameraphones are so last year, so it doesn’t surprise us to find out that 14 megapixel smartphones are getting ready to pop up. One of those is the device pictured below, made by Altek and dubbed “Leo”. The handset is supposed to go live next month.


Altek Leo will be unveiled at CommunicAsia, a show that takes place in Singapore, in June. Speculations claim that Leo runs Android and, as you can see, the device sports a huge camera unit. At the back, there’s a zoom lens in front of the 14MP sensor, that’s capable of 720p video capture and we learn that Altek’s phone supports WiFi and HSPA among others.

Pricing, availability and the full specs list are a mystery for now, but we wonder how much this camera will affect the smartphone’s battery life…

[via Engadget]

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