Android is improving as time goes by, but it has a long way to go till it reaches the quality of iPhone’s OS.. Right now, the Android 1.5 release is the newest version and it gets detailed in the video below, before getting released next week:


We learn that the upgrade brings a virtual keyboard that can be set up, so that it provides tactile vibrating feedback as you type, an ideal feature for users who prefer physical keypads. Auto correct is also available, plus suggestions and the virtual keyboard will be available in any app and menu, from SMS, to Gmail and third party software.

The keyboard can even change orientation (portrait/landscape) and if you’re tired of writing, there’s always the voice search, allowing you to input search queries by voice. Video recording, playback and sharing are also available in Android 1.5, the latter being done via Gmail, SMS or YouTube. In case you’re uploading a video on YouTube, this transfer will be done in the background, as you continue your normal activities.

Last, we have a look at the home screen widgets, that are customizable and you can even get new ones from the Android Market. More info about the Android 1.5 release can be found here.

[via YouTube]

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