Google and its carrier partners have been moving fast with Android 2.1, making sure it reaches all of the Android devices in need of update. This is proved by the latest pie chart published by, showing that more than 50% of Android devices rely on the 2.1 version of the Google mobile OS.


Meanwhile, Android 2.2 has only reached 3.3% of handsets till now, but we bet that’ll change before the year end, as Froyo will take the place of Android 2.1 in percentage and Gingerbread will get around 5% or so at Christmas time. The thing is that there’s quite a number of Android 1.5 phones out there, with a 18.9% market presence.

Android 1.6 stays at 22.1% and once again back to Froyo, it has only been released by Google till now, so once carriers start to let it loose and the OS debuts on fresh devices (Moto Droid X, Galaxy S phones etc) we’ll see a percentage jump.

[via androidcommunity]

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