Seen by many as an experimental platform, webOS is actually doing decently in the States, according to a recent report published by ComScore. This one applies to the smartphone market and to the United States. Android increased once again, this time 1.7%, reaching 38.1% of the pie, meaning that soon it’ll conquer 40% of the market, even before summer is out.


Meanwhile, iOS is quite a long way behind, with 26.6% of the market, a 0.6% increase compared to the previous month. BlackBerry OS seems to be hurting a lot, losing 1% on May and dropping to 24.7%. Meanwhile, Windows Phone/Mobile fell from 6.7% to 5.8% and predictions say that the 5% margin will be lost soon by Microsoft. Meanwhile webOS has 2.4% and it might soon surpass Microsoft’s attempt to stay in the game…

With Windows Mobile/Phone doing so bad, Microsoft has apparently decided to go hunting for Android OEMs, but considering that lately all new platforms support Android apps (MeeGo, QNX), it’s hard to beat Google at its own game. Nokia is certainly the hidden advantage for Microsoft, unless they also support Android…

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