Eric Schmidt is one of those company officials who’s always available to comment on stuff and announce an upcoming product. This is what happened to Android Ice Cream Sandwich that was recently confirmed by Schmidt for launch in October/November.


This confirmation came at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, where Schmidt mentioned this time frame. Android 4.0 is also described as something that everyone is excited about and considering the detailed time frame, we’re only weeks away from the goodies. This means that we’ll also see the new Nexus phone, the Prime and maybe some tablets with this OS.

One can’t help but wonder about a possible Nexus tablet as well… Considering the proximal release of the OS, we could see the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK hitting the web very, very soon. The battle here will be launching Android 4.0 phones before the iPhone 5, if that’s even possible, considering the new iPhone is rumored to come in early October…

Here’s the moment of the confirmation, at 30:25 in the video below:

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