Although initially the folks of This is My Next had a piece on Android Jelly Bean being the follow-up version to Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich, an update cleared the situation: Google is actually consideringĀ  Jelly Bean for a name but they haven’t taken the decision yet. What other desserts do you know that start with “J”? Jam, maybe?


The info about the name Jelly Bean comes from a trusted source of the site mentioned above, that also claims the new release will come at Google I/O 2012 in May. While Ice Cream Sandwich will unify Gingerbread and Honeycomb into a single platform, the next version of the OS will be a completely new chapter, that will maybe support improved 3D graphics and actually use a quad core processor to the fullest.

Nexus Prime is rumored to be first device to sport Android Ice Cream Sandwich and come as early as next month or as late as December. When all’s said and done, a name featuring “Jelly” was predictable, but what about the letter K, that’s coming after Android 5.0? Here’s my suggestion: Kiwi pie, followed by Lemon pie. Also, I’m willing to bet that the update after K will be Liquorish. What do you think?

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