This media craziness concerning Apple might be once again overhyped, since both the negative and positive coverage always tend to mention that Apple is selling tons of iPhone 4 units. Meanwhile, we’ve heard that “every day 160,000 Android devices are activated”, meaning that Google’s OS has got a 30k advantage over the iOS units.


Last we hard, Apple sold 3 million iPhone 4 units in a mere 23 day period, a pretty strong performance, but can we really compare it to the Android sales? We don’t even have the figures of the TOTAL Android unit sales… A short math calculus, turns the 3 million iPhones into more than 130,000 phones a day and guess what… Google is still on top.

We must also mention that from those 3 million units, 1.7 million were sold due to the initial frenzy, in the first 3 days, so the sales are slowing down. What’s the deal with the Apple coverage in the media these days? When will we hear some impressive Android numbers?


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