If I told you there’s an Android-themed store in China you’d think this was cute and all, but what about messing it up with some Apple products in the mix? That’s exactly what that store did and you can see pictures of it here, if you’re curios. It looks nice actually and if there’s any place where one would get a green robot poster or schoolbag, this is it.


This Android themed store is found in Zuhai, Guangdong, ironically the district where Apple and Chinese company Proview are battling it out for the “iPad” name trademark. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, in Australia there’s an Androidland store, so this could become a trend in the future. Of course, they’re not all glass, high tech locations like the Apple Stores, but it’s a start. Google showed at MWC and on any other occasion that it knows how to treat its clients and guests, so why not expand this experience to more than just tech shows?

Back to the Chinese Android store, this location has a name that translates roughly to “celebrities smartphone experience store”, so if you’re in the area feel free to check it out. However, the thought of having iPhones close to Android, a product that Steve Jobs hated and declared thermonuclear war against is simply… crazy.

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