If you always wanting to design your own Android app, but didn’t possess the necessary skills, here’s a way to do it: App Inventor. This simplistic tool allows even the most basic Android user to create an application, without using coding skills.


From simple mobile games, to photo editing apps and trivia software that rely on Android’s text to speech function, you’ll use the software to tweak your ideal app. Instead of writing code, like most devs, you’ll use a visual design method, that will let you change the looks and functions of your software.

App Inventor includes blocks for most of things an Android phone can do, including blocks for programming-like activities, used to store info, repeat actions and perform actions using conditions. This solution is simple to use, but effective and powerful, storing data created by users in a database. App Inventors also provides access to a GPS-location sensor, allowing the user to build apps that use the location of the handset owner.

More details can be found here and a video of the App Inventor below:

[via appinventor]

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