It might be that ONE handset to malfunction from a whole lot or maybe a batch of Samsung Galaxy S phones gone wrong, but the video below proves that the Samsung Galaxy S has similar signal dropping issues, like the ones on the iPhone 4.

While some say it’s the fault of the carrier, others blame the software and some claim it’s a SIM card issue, all we can do is wait for more Samsung I9000 Galaxy S users to confirm this bug. As far as the video being fake theory is concerned, the guy posting it apparently writes phone reviews every day, so it shouldn’t be a fake…

UpdateLech informs us that he met with folks from Samsung Product Development and got to test 5 more Samsung Galaxy S, trying to find if the signal issue applies to all of them. It seems the handset behaved differently depending on the network they use and we have to mention that all observations were made using professional equipment for measuring network conditions.

More on this story can be found on Lech’s site.

[Thanks Lech Okoń for the tip]

  • poff

    Here is the article about the problem: (translated by Google). 4 other devices work the same way.

  • Rajat Lalla

    I have a reception problem with my samsung galaxy s

  • Robi

    i also have reception issues with my samsung galaxy s

  • Rohan

    i’ve serious call drop issues with my samsung galaxy 3

  • Spem

    I have had loasds of problems with signal just disappearing on my samsung galaxy s and it is getting worse as i go along. Started off with no problems, getting worse and worse. It takes ages to fiddle about and get it working again and now it just ends calls mid-way whenever it feels like it, but displays full 3G signal. Please help me :'(

  • Jesty

    I have just bought a Galaxy S and the reception is not good, often 2 bars sometimes 3 bars but never 4 bars. I’ve been using a Tesco sim card which on my other phone displays full reception when in the same location. What should I do?

  • I have had countless voice signal issues.  After two replacements, I called Verizon customer service yet again.  I was informed its a “known issue” and they are replacing it with a brand new Droid Incredible2.  

  • I got a samsung apollo phone. what a piece of junk. samsung is gonna lose alot in shares holdings. why cant they just come out with phones that work instead of us spending money after money for new phones plus there customer service is crap. They told me it was a sim card issue. well when i went in one of my retailers in my city they told me telus had screwed up towers. while 1 hour ago they just told me the problem wasnt on their side and could be with my phone what a bunch of crock……get organzised telus and sumsung