Apple is deffinetley tough competition for Google and their G1 phone running on Android platform. Latest rumors see the producer of the iPhone as being behind of the development of a search engine, one hit that could make Google’s life harder and less peaceful than before.

Apple currently uses the Safari browser on its iPhone and also Google’s services for web searching. Their involvement in this area should have a big impact, as its web browser currently holds an average of 6 percent of the market share.

There is nothing official on this rumor and it could have been started just as well from the nightmare of one Google employee or from the sweet fantasy of someone from Apple’s staff over one night.

After all, the iPhone’s producer has made no concrete efforts that we might know of in obtaining the bagic tools for setting up a search engine. Everyone knows that such a project is impossible without the right specialists who also have some experience. And last time we checked, they weren’t running all over the place.

[via: techcrunch]

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