Apple got a slew of new patents today, 28 of them actually, including one that covers a very cool iPhone with a glass wraparound design. There’s also one for a new Apple Watch band and password authentication via gestures.


Certainly the most interesting new patent is the one having to do with the iPhone with wraparound display. Documents describe a flexible display assembly, that’s meant to present visual content on any portion of the transparent housing. The Apple patent shows a perspective view of the portable electronic device in action. The wraparound screen obviously offers more visual space and input space.


The patent keeps mentioning a flexible display, that can be folded in order to create a loop, so images can be presented in wraparound manner. In a previous 2013 patent, Apple mention that the glassy material could in fact be related to Liquid Metal materials. Another new patent is the one that mentions advanced password input via authentication gestures.


The idea is to travel a path along the touch sensing areas using one or more fingers till the required gesture is performed. This has been available on Android for quite some time. Finally Apple also got a design patent for the Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band.



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