Apple got 45 new patents granted today, courtesy of the US Patent and Trademark Office, but two of them are particularly interesting. One has to do with displays with unique openings and the other with car control via iPhone.



The first patent, the one related to displays with openings details flexible screens with openings designed into the panel. The areas are meant to let signals pass through the openings. Those include acoustic signals, electromagnetic signals and light. The screen’s opening can be used to integrate a light sensor, a status indicator light, a touch sensor, camera, or secondary screen.


The other patent deals with a vehicle controlled via portable device. Apple’s documents mention wireless communication between the computing devices and accessing a vehicle remotely. One could start up the engine or open the car door using an iPhone, or shut off the engine at specific times. Then you could also program complete personalized car settings from the same handset.

How does this sound to you?


via patently apple

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