Vertu is known worldwide as one of the most famous luxury phone brand and it’s no wonder they now have a booth at the Dubai International Airport. This reminds me of another luxury brand, Tonino Lamborghini, that recently announced its intention to open offices in Dubai.



I have to say that the Vertu booth from the airport is rather small, but still elegant and offers some pretty interesting handset models. Prices start at $6000 and go north of $20k for some models. We’ve got phones with titanium cases here, sapphire glass and crocodile leather. There are special sewings applied and these models are hand crafted in England.


There are limited edition phones here, with the Concierge features on board and some of them even have Android on board. The Vertu booth is placed thematically at the Dubai Airport, close to the other luxury products, like expensive watches and jewellery. Vertu started off as a Nokia spinoff back in 1998, but seems to outlive the phone division of the Finish company.


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