It seems that Apple’s iAds is becoming something more than a Google AdSense rival, as it has started generating some serious revenue for developers. One of them is Jason Ting, who earned almost $1,400 in revenue from his free iPhone 4 application in a single day.


His software is used to turn the iPhone 4’s flash into a LED flashlight and we learn that the app got an eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) of $147.55, much larger than the one Google offers via AdSense. Ting’s application was downloaded around 9,000 times in the first day.

The developer mentioned that the iAds served in the software are from Dove and Nissan for now and they seem to be paying out. High clickthrough rates and high revenues are great now, but they might not last forever. Will iAds proove to be a decent AdSense rival?

[via mashable]

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