Minutes after Steve Jobs finished unveiling the Apple iPad, the folks of SlashGear took it for a spin, in order to realize its real potential. They found the device pretty impressive, but it’s still an oversized iPhone, at the end of the day, as you can see in this hands on video:


Google Maps behaves particularly well and the ebooks looks neat, but it takes a while to turn from portrait to landscape while reading a book and zooming is a tough business with electronic publications, it seems. Way to go for playing Tetris on this new product, although I would have gone with NFS Shift myself.

Safari Mobile is nothing special, while the virtual QWERTY keyboard will be interesting to use once you carry the device with you (not user friendly, believe me). All in all, the Apple iPad is a bit disappointing, since it does nothing new but enlarge the diagonal of an iPod Touch and it also has lacks, like a camera, multitasking, Flash and a newer OS.

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