Apple is now selling its precious iPhone 5 unlocked for $649 at its own locations. So, if you want to avoid the serious commitment of a contract and spend a couple of hundreds of dollars, this is how much you have to fork out. The unlocked units are available online via the US Apple Store.


The limit is two units per customer and the price mentioned above applies to the 16 GB unit, while the 32 GB one costs $749 and the 64 GB one costs $849. Apple claims that the unlocked phone can only be used with supported networks, including AT&T. The device requires a GSM network and also a nano SIM to get started. Since the handset requires said GSM network it can’t be used on Verizon and Sprint or other CDMA providers. For those of you curious about the iPhone 5, we have a full detailed review right here.

Yes, the purple haze at the corner of pics is real and yes, the phone feels very, very light at 112 grams, but it’s a great toy to have, in spite of the fact we’re getting annoying with the same repetitive interface from the past year, with no major iOS changes. So, who bought one unlocked lately?

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