Over the past days, we’ve seen quite a number of iPhone 5S components leaking, most of them related to the logic board, various connectors, buttons and camera pieces. Now we get to see the assembled device, supposedly, courtesy of MacRumors.



The handset keeps the redesigned logic board we saw the other day, which is a sign that we may be dealing with the real thing. As you can see from the piece at the back, the flash area is now elongated and bigger, being able to house a dual LED setup this time. The main chip on the logic board is not labeled with an A Series name, but instead it remains nameless, so maybe it’s a brand new A7 chip.


The date code on the bottom of the main chip says “1243”, which stands for the 43rd week of 2012, that fits October last year. This means that we’re either dealing with the CPU from iPhone 5 or that Apple already made its next gen CPU since last year. Finally, the battery is codenamed 616-0652, a superior code to 616-0611 and 616-0613 present on the iPhone 5. The capacity has been increased to 5.91 Whr, compared to 5.45 on the predecessor.

So, is this the genuine iPhone 5S or a hoax?

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