The folks of All About Symbian did a pretty interesting experiment, working with the people of All About iPhone, or better said with the guest author Matt Radford. He borrowed a Nokia N97 mini for a few weeks, in an attempt to replace his precious iPhone and see if he handles the transition. Here are his impressions:

The first thing Matt noticed was the solid feeling of the device, although it tends to be a bit slippery, specially when opening up the slide. The physical keyboard was also a welcome bonus, although it didn’t help the user type faster than on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. Matt missed the threaded SMS feature on the iPhone and the conversation view, so in this aspect the N97 mini suffered a bit.

However, the camera was much better on the Nokia model than on the iPhone, specially because it had a flash. Twitter was handled perfectly by Gravity, with a clean interface, multiple accounts and all, while RSS was great thanks to the Byline app, even better than on the iPhone. Nokia N97 mini also shines when it comes to the speakerphone, VoIP dialling integration into the Address Book and automatic redialling of engaged numbers.

Of course, the web experience on Nokia’s handset was far from the one provided by Safari Mobile, but still it was decent enough. The full list of impressions can be read here or checked out in the video above.

[via allaboutsymbian]

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