Starting with January 1st 2015, Russia will impose a ridiculous ban on Apple products in the country. iPhone and iPad models are thus banned and it’s all because of iCloud. The law claims that every gadget with the iCloud software on it is banned, because private info is not stored locally.



The problem is that the service keeps the users’ personal data on servers from USA, not Russia. The Eastern nation wants to store the private info of its people itself and won’t allow American access into the lives of the population. Of course, Apple could build servers in Russia, but that’s very unlikely. The law applies to all online services, including stores of all sorts, social networks and more.

So basically, you may use an iPhone in Russia, but without iCloud. I can’t exactly tell how the ban would work, since I find it hard to believe people will have their iPhones searched. It’s probably more of an ISP ban, forbidding access to iCloud. Or, the ban could be applied at the sellers of Apple products, a move that would certainly make Tim Cook and co angry.


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