Apple is only hours away from releasing Sling Media’s long awaited Sling Player app for the iPhone. It’ll be available through the App Store, but the bad news is that it doesn’t support 3G wireless connectivity.


The software was announced at Macworld Expo in January and it allows the iPhone users to stream live TV via WiFi with the aid of the TV and Slingbox setups.

There’s also a remote control function included in the app, allowing the users to surf channels and setup DVR. In case you’re wondering what the deal with the lack of 3G support is, there are rumours claiming that AT&T advised Apple to deny the software’s approval before entering it in the App Store, because it would have saturated the carrier’s 3G network.

The software will sell for $29.99 in the US and Canada and it’ll support SlingBox Pro, Solo and Pro-HD. Legacy Slingbox models (Classic, AV and Tuner) will also support the app, but Sling Media won’t provide service for technical problems with those products.

[via appleinsider]

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