As if it wasn’t enough that Apple is killing Samsung’s products by dragging them into court, the South Korean company now has to suffer another nasty move from the Cupertino giant. Apparently, the creator of the iPhone has some suggestions for Samsung’s future designs, as shown in the official documents used in court recently.


Apple is making suggestions when it comes to designing future Samsung phones and tablets, claiming that they shouldn’t follow the industry’s standard. They also advise the South Koreans not to use the rectangular shape, they hint that the displays centered on the front of the handset are bad and the horizontal speaker grill is certainly a mistake.

The company now under the command of Tim Cook suggests not using a black front surface, a shape that doesn’t have rectangular corners, thick frames instead of a thin rim around the front surface and more. This sounds like a bad joke, I know, but Apple can be very mean at times, especially when it comes to protecting innovation. However, does Samsung deserve such treatment? Basically, Apple is saying that they own the rectangular shaped slates, which is a very silly thing to say…  That means ALL slates are in breach of their patents.

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