While developers are working on bringing Android ICS to as many devices as possible via ROMs such as CyanogenMod 9, the official version of the OS is getting tested on the Nexus S. Google employees are confirming the info on their Google+ accounts, where they mentioned that such tests are taking place.


People at Google who own a Nexus S unit have already received an early build of Android 4.0 as OTA update. Their task is to evaluate the performance and test for final bugs or any other problems, taking the handset through routine daily use. This means that we’re in for a treat soon enough and ICS might come to the Nexus S owners in a matter of weeks, even before the year is out.

The posts revealing the info have been removed in the meantime, but the info remains. People are excited about the update and everything seems to be working just fine. Considering that the Google Nexus had a bit of a volume bug going on, the search engine giant will now make sure to double check anything before the release of the software.

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