Apple always has to rent up a building or ballroom to unveil new products, but 3 years from now they’ll be using their very own auditorium to do that. As you probably know already, Apple is working on its very own campus in Cupertino, with a HQ that looks like a UFO, unveiled by Steve Jobs months before he passed away.


Now Apple’s plans were further unveiled and they include an underground auditorium in the basement of one of the huge buildings that are being planned right now. As you probably know already, Apple puts much emphasis on its product launches and wants to create a perfect atmosphere surrounding it. What better way to create a field of distorsion then having your very own building to unveil products in? The auditorium looks like a giant secret lair, if you ask me and also in the sketches there’s a new Apple employee parking lot, that can host no less than 4,300 vehicles underground.

Construction will be finished in 2015 and I bet that the whole thing will look stunning. If I remember well, the plans unveiled by Steve Jobs included buildings with huge amount of curved glass, making them look sci-fi and very modern.

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