Google Wallet may be a great concept, but an update is always welcome. It’s also widely known that the Wallet solution has some problems of its own. For example on a HTC EVO 4G LTE when you perform a factory reset or flash a new ROM all Google wallet functionality is gone. That’s caused by a “security feature” that’s triggered when the device is messed with.

And that’s only an example of what’s wrong with Google Wallet right now. No idea when Google will launch Wallet 2.0, but what’s sure is that they will. The update focuses more on offers and promotions than the previous software and also it brings improved cloud-based payments. Google I/O, the big search engine event for developers, taking place late this month will probably be the best time for an unveiling. Google also needs to partner with more banks and merchants for Wallet to really catch on.

If you live in a smaller town you probably have no store that allows Google Wallet payments. However in places like Starbucks and other famous franchises, Google Wallet is becoming sort of a tradition. Obviously, most transactions take place in the USA, while international use is very limited.

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