Apple’s soap opera-style trial versus Samsung continues this week as well, this time with Apple resting its case against the Asian company today. That came after a financial expert claimed that the Cupertino giant may have lost up to 2 million device sales, including both iPads and iPhones, all of that because of Samsung’s infringement.


The testimony came after last week’s revelation, with Apple asking Samsung for up to $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet device for licensing of their patents. The report was figured by CPA Terry Musika and in order to reach that amount three aspects were taken into account: how much revenue Samsung brought in with the products involved, royalty fees based on patent infringements and profits that Apple could have had and Samsung did. Overall, Apple may have lost up to $488.8 million in sales.

Musika also mentioned that there inconsistencies with Samsung’s data and the taxes that shifted around. When all 3 numbers collide you get a total damages estimation of $2.5 billion to $2.75 billion. Following Apple’s resting of case, Samsung’s team asked the famous judge Lucy Koh to give Sammy a judgement based on the idea that Apple failed to prove its point. She denied the request, but she did say something good for the Asians: Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace, the international versions are excluded from the trial, so they’re not considered as infringing on the patents.

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