After a couple of rumors arrived on the web last week, today we get to know more about the development process of Apple’s electric car. Bloomberg unveils today that indeed Apple is working on a smart car, product that is supposed to be launched on the market by 2020.



However, in case the project doesn’t work so well as expected, Apple could give up to this idea, and start a new one, behavior met in the past too with many other secret projects well hidden by employees. At the moment, on this product are working about 200 people that are specialized on different auto categories, like batteries and robotics.

It remains to see how this project will advance in the future, and if by 2020 we’ll see a first Apple car. This supposed vehicle will arrive from the factory as expected with a bunch of Apple’s software features like CarPlay, system that allows users to use the voice in making calls, controlling the media player or GPS navigation.


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