Everybody still remembers when the iPhone 4 prototype was forgotten in a bar by some guy, which is probably the biggest leak of an unannounced product ever. Now, modern leaks are all renders or hands on shots and the Apple ones happen very rarely. That’s because their prototypes are moving stealthily all over the world, using special concealing cases, like the ones below.


Leakster extraordinaire Sonny Dickson has provided insight into these cases. He offered MacRumors some shots of the stealth cases uses to conceal yet unlaunched iPhones. An iPhone prototype is supposed to travel across the world for various testing processes and it also comes with a stealth case, that hides it. It has a yellow security tape, showing if anyone messed with it or not.

Also, the prototype is accompanied by a “passport”, for the sake of quality assurance/control. Each component or product being tested is mentioned in the document and the person in charge of the project has to write the product’s initials there and notes about it failing or passing the test. The prototype shown below is an iPhone 6 Plus, that’s engraved with a QR code, so Apple keeps track of it easier.

Still, leaks are happening, like the one from last year, when an iPhone 7 Plus with dual lens camera popped up in March 2016, being very close to the real deal.

via macrumors

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