Asus P565 is one of the hottest smartphones we’ve the chance of hearing about in the past year and probably the only rival of HTC Touch HD. Recently it got reviewed by who analyzed every little aspect of the handset, the result being probably the most complex review ever.


The Asus smartphone comes with incredibly hot specs, a 2GB microSD card bundled with the device and the latest version of Garmin nav software. There are also a car charger and cradle included, in order to use the P565 as you in-car navigation device.

From the same detailed review we found out that the handset does 864 x 480 MPEG4 videos at 143% speed, thanks to its 800 MHz processor and VGA screen. Of course, the device has its flaws, like the 3 megapixel camera on board, the battery life, the web browsing experience and the USB data transfer (1.1).

[Mobile01 via wmpoweruser]

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