We’ve shown you the Asus P565 smartphone before, with its wonderful specs and great looks, but now it’s time to put its raw power to the test. Asus claims that this handset is the fastest PDA-phone ever created, so gadgetmix.com decided to put it through a series of benchmark tests.



P565 got compared to Asus P552W and HTC Diamond, and you should know that this new smartphone is powered by an uber-CPU, Intel Marvell Tavor (800 MHz). Meanwhile, Asus P552W uses a 624 MHz Intel Marvell Tavor processor and Diamond is powered by a Qualcomm 528 MHz CPU.

As the Spb Benchmark results have shown, Asus P565 was the best in all segments, but we must mention that Asus P552W uses a QVGA screen, so its CPU was much less used during graphic processing. P565 and HTC Diamond are the real rivals of this test, with the first winning the duel by a pretty big margin. What’s more interesting is that Diamond shares its processor with HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch HD… Well done Asus!


[via gadgetmix]

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