This year´s MWC event in Barcelona is off to a good start with most of the manufacturers teasing upcoming devices and some, like HTC or Acer, even went on ahead and made exciting announcements. Acer is among the ones to also bring its version of a promo.



For MWC we expect nothing but big announcements from the world´s top mobile manufacturers and even some bold moves from the ones not so well accomplished. Asus is one of the strongest players there is and among the few that can really move past the common towards innovation. Last year the manufacturer had so many devices on offer that it even was hard to keep track of. For this 2013 we expect nothing less and we feel like some very good devices are on their way.

Asus talks about craftsmanship and aliens in their latest teaser video for before MWC. It is one of the coolest promo commercials to date from the big players and we hope the manufacturer is willing to leave up to the expectations. We can expect Asus to launch new devices in all areas, including Windows 8 and Android and we expect hybrids and tablets for all budgets. With only one week to wait, enjoy the video below.


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