The ASUS ZenFone 3 handset is already the topic of rumors, as Taiwanese sources are claiming it’s going to come with a fingerprint scanner. This will be the first time that ASUS takes this approach on one of its handsets.

The third generation of ZenFones is said to be launched in the May-June 2016 time frame, according to supply chain sources. It’s very likely that ASUS will opt for a fingerprint scanner solution created by Elan Microelectronics and Chinese firm Goodix for the ZenFone 3. Intel and Qualcomm will supply the rest of the chips for the ZenFone smartphones, while MediaTek will take care of the rest of 20%.

LG and ASUS are probably the only two big handset makers who haven’t adopted fingerprint scanners on their mainstream products and even LG has caved in to the trend with its latest Nexus phone. 2015 has been a big year for ASUS, with 20 million smartphones shipped and for 2016 expectations are at around 30 million. With Marshmallow offering full support for fingerprint scanners, this comes as a logical move.

via Digitimes