AT&T gives you hot offers these days and not only you can get the Nokia Lumia 900 for $49.99, but also the HTC one X is now priced at $99.99. Right now the AT&T customers are apparently opting more for the Samsung Galaxy S III versus the One X, but thanks to the new price that could change.


The info about the price reduction comes from AT&T sales reps and an image from an internal AT&T email. The new offer reduces the price of the One X by $100 on July 29th. The $99.99 price point makes the hot HTC handset a direct rival to the Motorola Atrix HD, Sony Xperia Ion, Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4.
There’s no info why the price of the One X was but in half just months after the retail debut, but it may be caused by the already huge success of the Galaxy S III and HTC’s pressure on that account. Now sources are saying that the $99.99 price tag applies right NOW, a day earlier than estimated, so go ahead and get one. For me, the One X is superior to the Galaxy S III in design at least.

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