You’ve probably heard about the HTC One X on AT&T getting rooted two weeks ago, but sadly that didn’t make much difference, since it didn’t allow users to mess with custom ROMs. HTC has yet to offer an official bootloader unlocking solution, so users resort to unofficial ones.

As usual you’ll get a ton of warnings about the canceling of your warranty, the risks of bricking the device and whatnot, but you end up with an unlocked bootloader on the AT&T One X. So you’ll start flashing ROMs, installing third party software, maybe even playing with some of features of the Galaxy S III ported to the One X via some new ROMs, who knows? You should also back up your data before proceeding to such unlocks. From what I can see on XDA, the unlock is more for people experienced with HEX editing and knowing how to work with an ADB, plus those who already rooted their phones.

Well, I guess that seeing this progress, HTC may feel inspired to release its very own official unlock tool for the handset. Did you try this bootloader unlock? How did it work out for you?